Emerging Dutch Architecture Exhibition

Organized by METU Department of Architecture and The Chamber of Architects of Turkey Ankara Branch, this exhibition called “Emerging Dutch Architecture” is to primarily focus on modernist approaches of the 5th generation Young Dutch Architects. The last two decades have witnessed a challenging sensibility in the contemporary Dutch Architecture in terms of evolutionary techniques of the computer based design. By being aware of the changing needs of society and ecology, the exhibition brings 2 young architectural offices together, for presenting extreme details as well as diverse tendencies:  24h (evolution, sensibility, land shape) / Mirck Architecture (logic of ecology, smart suburbia, dialogue with structural engineering)

Along with their architectural works, this exhibition also aims to present a new Dutch Sensibility both on theoretical and practical levels. Design processes and their representations as well as the Dutch way of using technology for dealing with changing conditions are part of this exhibition. In this respect, the “24h: NeoArchitecture” and “Mirck Architecture” will be a significant highlight in the way to exemplify an ”evolutionary Dutch architecture of extreme quality.”


On 01.01.01 Boris Zeisser and Maartje Lammers founded 24H> ARCHITECTURE in Rotterdam. The office focuses on Nature inspired designs, best summarized in the theme of Art d’eco, referring to the art of ecology as well as the art Deco period. The goal of their architecture is to find the hidden layers of each program, believing that it provides an inspiration for each assignment. By working with various themes for guiding the design processes, a broad spectrum of non-architectural solutions can now be provided.

Evolution: adaptable structures in time, providing multi program use in a single space.

Natrufied: Abstract interpretations of nature petrified into building materials.

Organism: Growing additions transform existing buildings into new compositions.

Art d’eco: Supporting environment as well as the beauty makes the art of ecology.

Sensibility: to evoke the senses, a building should age gracefully, by using materials with a natural ability to transform itself during its lifetime.


Mirck Architecture (Amsterdam, 2003) is specialized in profound spatial design. The office keeps architecture and engineering in balance. Dedicated collaborations allow Mirck Architecture to lead the design and construction process to a unique building.

The designs of Mirck Architecture feature themes like re-innovation, eco logic, daylighters, structural engines, preciousness, smart suburbia. The conditions and characters of all participants determine the credits of themes. At this moment, half of the commissions deal with re-(in)novation.

Founder Sander Mirck is guest lecturer at different universities in the Netherlands and Italy, committee member of the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects, and vice chairman of the Friends of the Netherlands Architecture Institute.